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Test & Measurement

Today’s test equipment is controlled by a computer as well as the data collection and processing tasks. The data is sent to a server or cloud. Therefore, measurement technology is also connected to automation and data collection projects. The evaluation of tests often turns to the science of Six Sigma for help.

Tensile Strength Test Bench

  • From various types of mechanical measuring devices, we mainly made hydraulically operated devices for measuring elongation and tensile strength, with large force (max. 1400kN). The measurement data (measurement reports) are analyzed by the built-in PC, displayed in graphical form and saved on the central server. For certain serial products, each piece has its own identifier, and test results can be traced back years. Various test protocols are available in pre-programmed form, and any custom test can be performed.

Bending-twisting Bench

A similar variant is a tensile-bending machine with which the workpiece can be subjected to bending-twisting stress in various spatial geometrical positions. The tensile force in this case is also in the range of hundreds of kN-s. Such devices are truck sized and weighed.

Tracking Erosion Test

Another electrotechnical test station is used to test creep-currents. A controlled amount of electrolyte solution is passed over the surface of the workpiece (material) to be tested. Continuous discharges due to high voltage in this area will damage the material. After an appropriate dose, erosions can be observed on the surface of the material, which are subjected to qualitative and quantitative examination.

Spark-over Test

In the smaller size category, we developed devices mainly in the field of high-voltage test equipment. For example, a spark-over tester (in the range of 10 kV), with which the insulating capacity of specially pretreated (aged) raw materials can be measured.

We are equipped to produce almost any kind of automated test machine with a wide capability of data management.