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During technical developments, it is often necessary to examine and analyze the theoretical and scientific background of the problem. Thus, development is shifting towards the field of research. This is especially true for medical instruments. In the medical instruments section, we mentioned the development of StapLead®. In doing so, we devoted considerable work, in collaboration with contributing surgeons, to the behavior of the materials used against human tissues in order to avoid possible adverse reactions. This meant, on the one hand, studying the available literature and, on the other hand, conducting our own histological and surgical experiments (animal experiments). These studies are not directly part of the development framework in the technical sense, but can be seen as essential. In such cases, the development of the necessary research results should always be considered. This places an additional burden on the development project in terms of time and money, but ultimately increases its final value. Research work is mostly carried out by medical colleagues working in clinical or laboratory field. It should be noted here that when financing medical instrument projects from tender sources, it is almost always mandatory to involve a leading institution interested in the field. In addition to medical instruments, the results of R&D projects can play a role in solving any measurement technology, automation, data collection, or machine manufacturing task.

Slip-off test performed on a surgical device

Test specimens for selecting silicone rubber material in StapLead project.

X-Ray image of a high-voltage insulator

The development of a data logger at Jönköping University is a completely different field. Researchers at the university conducting metallurgical studies investigated the rate of cooling of steel castings and the extent of internal material stresses caused by uneven cooling. To do this, we had to create a unique, special temperature data logger. It is also an example where theoretical science and practice are combined. This a Six Sigma project

In general, in projects specifically in the R&D category, the colleagues involved in the research present their experience in the form of scientific articles. They can also be used to earn useful points in obtaining academic degrees (e.g. PhD). We have always participated and continue to participate in R&D projects with professional pride.


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