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The process of developing / manufacturing a simulator is actually very similar to any other development (machine building, or automation) projects. Yet we mention it separately because of its specialness and because it was one of the largest in the history of our company, both in terms of volume and duration. By simulator we mean a device that produces a graphic (movie) display and performs synchronous (dynamic) movement, which tries to create as realistic a feeling as possible. They are primarily made for educational or entertainment purposes. There are two main types:

    • Interactive (in which the user can actively intervene in events; see vehicle simulators)
    • Passive (the user merely gives himself to the visual and movement experience)

The version we produce (in small series) belongs to the latter group and falls in the official classification of consumer electronics products, although it grows by its 3 tons beyond its usual counterparts in the product category. A 4-person general-purpose motion simulator with a moving cab corresponding to the size of a smaller minibus. The large projector in it features a 3D image and 5.1 Dolby™ sound for a realistic experience. In sync with the animation, the cabin is moved by a 4-degree-of-freedom mechanism, the dynamics of which can be changed, even to quite strong, frightening movements. It is designed to serve a large number of spectators. Several copies are still in operation. We carried out all phases of the design / construction ourselves, with the involvement of subcontractors.

The interactive direction is represented by the development of an educational simulator that can be used in the practical training of drivers. In cooperation with a leading motorcycle manufacturer, we participated in the development of a motorcycle simulator. In addition to reducing the number of teaching hours in the field, it aims to facilitate the acquisition of prior practical experience in a safe environment. (Unfortunately, this type has not been mass-produced so far.)

We are happy to share our experiences in the field of motion simulator technologies. Send your request about any related task.