Design Process Flow

There are many concepts and studies available on the Internet to optimize the development processes of different types of products. One of the best known of these is the classic V-model. As it is used by many large companies and is mandatory for certain products in some countries, we also try to carry out our projects following its guidelines. The elements of the figure are well understood, defining the main stages of development projects. In practice, for some points, we apply small changes based on individual needs.

The figure below also shows an essential element of a theory designed to shorten the development lifecycle of products. At this point, all we highlight is that we try to start/complete the successive steps of the development process at the same time as much as possible. Hence the name: concurrent engineering. This is similar to the “pipeline” principle used in the architecture of modern processors, of course only with properly coordinated resources.

These schemes provide the guideline for running a project. The plan that best suits the situation is worked out together with the client.