We carry out our work within the framework of a research and development contract. It is very important to define milestones precisely, both technically and in terms of timing. The exact description of the technical content is the following task. Often new problems come to the surface during development, new ideas are born. It’s hard to keep track of what was the original idea and what was included in the original contract. In our experience, it is very easy to wander through technical solutions if there is no proper specification to accurately describe the tasks to be performed. It is also important to keep in mind that R&D projects can often involve an unforeseen event that needs to be resolved jointly by the parties. 

This requires good communication, empathy, creativity and improvisational skills. R&D activity is not comparable e.g. with construction projects where, although each house is different, the construction activity can be calculated well in terms of time and money. In our case, we usually need to create a product that was not available before. This makes the whole project much more flexible, which is not always easy to handle. We also mentioned in another chapter that one of the cornerstones of successful development is the presence of a competent and creative contact person provided by the customer, who is able to formulate the task to be solved in an exact form.

We try to provide the best performance to the best of our ability, but we can only achieve success if we cooperate closely with the customer.