Machine Building

Our company has won tenders several times, during which it was necessary to manufacture complete production, testing or inspection equipment as individual pieces or in small series. In such cases, the design process covers almost all components, including control software. During the planning, we try to follow the relevant standards as accurately as possible, in which we rely primarily on the knowledge and advice of the customer. The plans and documentation are made using up-to-date design/development software, which are able to produce platform-independent output files without exception. Thus, the completed design documentation can be opened and easily accessed with the help of any design software (even available for free).

    Break-detection Forceps


    The equipment we have manufactured so far ranges in both size and function. The smallest, but at the same time quite complex device, is a fracture tester that detects material defects by microprocessor-analysis of acoustic signals.

    Tensile Strength Test Bench

    One of our largest machines, a 1400kN tensile strength tester. It is motioned by Rexroth hydraulic power supply and custom-designed / manufactured cylinder. (Length 10m, weight approx. 6000kg)



    High speed parts counter (ChipCounter). Its maximum speed is 10,000 pcs / min. For counting the parts of bank- and other identification cards containing electronic components made for the State Printing Company.

    Tracking Erosion Tester

    Tracking erosion tests (TE) are performed on composite high-voltage insulators. The device exposes the insulator material with high voltage sparks over the test duration. The grade of the caused erosion is examined afterward.

    Need an individual solution for a special task? We build your machine with all the functionality you imagined.