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All series production begins with the production of prototypes. During these tests, the product can be perfected and finalized. The two most important things are:

  • On the one hand, producing a prototype is a time consuming and therefore costly process, sometimes it doesn’t even succeed the first time and must be processed several times.

  • On the other hand, it is very common to produce only one or a few specimens of the final product, in which case the prototype is the same as the final product.

Therefore, it is essential that the prototype is as perfect as possible. Due to the ever-decreasing life cycle of products, a product needs to be created faster and faster. 3D design and various simulation software serve to shorten design and prototyping times. With the help of these, we can get very accurate information about the parameters of any part before it is made. Our design / prototyping protocol also follows this trend, as outlined below:

  1. Mechanical design – 3D CAD design (motion / collision testing, static / dynamic load testing of machine elements with finite element analysis)
  2. Electronic design (circuit development, simulation, PCB-Layout design, proto-PCB, testing)
  3. Outlook design tasks, partly using mechanical 3D plans
  4. Software development (control software, user interface, etc.)
  5. Circuit fabrication / cabling
  6. Assembly
  7. Testing

In the case of the components listed in points 1 and 3 (mechanical components in general), the number of components with defective parameters or redundant production has been reduced to almost zero. This in itself is a big saving. In the case of PCB elements, the production of a couple of “proto-boards” is usually sufficient. Generally, the first pieces are not used in final products due to the extreme conditions used during testing.

Get an idea to be contrived? We could help! After signing a confidentiality contract you can share your preliminary plans with us and we can realize your dream together.