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Project Planning

The development projects we carry out – especially the complex, multi-stakeholder projects, where events have to be coordinated as a main contractor – are always on a strict schedule. To keep the schedule accurate, we always track events on charts created using the classic GANTT methodology (using Microsoft Project).

Together with all project participants, we work out each subtask and determine its duration. Each participant is responsible for strictly adhering to the agreed deadlines. As a safety factor, we usually add 10% to the completion date of these components. If possible, the start and end deadlines for each subtask are handled flexibly within the allowable range. We try to break down the projects into smaller parts, and we entrust the scheduling of the subprojects to those who perform the subtask. Of course, the subtasks need to fit into the main project plan over time. The figure shows a GANTT diagram of such a project plan in MS Project.

From an administrative point of view, we will act in the co-operation framework as described in the DESIGN PROCESS FLOW section. The documents drawn up when the milestones are reached are annexed to the R&D contract.

As the main contractor, we are able to lead and manage more complex development projects according to the categories we surveyed in the website.