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Sport Devices

  • The DESKA® sports equipment is a three-wheeled, skateboard-like, tilt-steered vehicle. In roller mode, it can be controlled by tilting with a vertical bar, and in skateboard mode, by tilting with your feet. Its chassis is an unusual structure in the opposite direction to car chassis, but it works on their principle. Suitable for both street traffic and sports. As an option, it can be equipped with a sail similar to the windsurf sail, but with a smaller surface area. 


  • The product won awards at the A’Design Award in Milan in 2015 and at the Surf Expo in Orlando in 2017. The cost of the development was largely covered by its inventor from the KICKSTARTER® campaign. We performed the complete geometric and mechanical design of the chassis, the preparation and testing of the prototype, and its further refinement.
  • We also participated in the preparation of the designs and dynamic tests of the carbon-epoxy composite base structure. 

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