Industrial automation

AP-X Ltd. has been participating in many automation projects including design/implementation tasks.

Some of them:

Design/manufacturing of chip-counter devices. These units count the valued parts of bank- and other chip-based cards on high counting rate (up to 10000/min speed). The user interface is provided by a touch-screen industrial PC. Counting/evaluation tasks are performed by custom-developed circuits driven by PIC microcontrollers.


Motion simulators. AP-X Ltd. has been involved in simulator development/manufacturing since the mid-nineties. In terms motion-simulator is a moving cabin within which a high resolution display visualizes the scene --synchronized with the motion-- giving the experience of (virtual) reality. Our simulators could be classified in 2 main groups: entertainment ones and those for educational purpose. (see link)

Furukawa (Japan) Ltd. is a significant manufacturer of high-voltage insulators (parts are made of fiberglass bars covered by a silicone-composite coating). They settled a complete factory in Hungary for serving the European market. Our company developed the whole controlling/automation system of the production lines. User interface is based on industrial touch-screen PC-s. Real-time controlling is built of custom-made microcontroller-based PCB-s. The entire computing equipment is connected to the other manufacturing units of Furukawa Ltd. and their SAP via web-based server.

Composite moulding-machine


Armature press-unit; tearing-test instrument


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